Year 2 explore Sheffield City centre -where we went and what we found!

Date: 14th Mar 2018 @ 4:12pm

Today Miss Stent asked the children to answer her question "Why do people travel to visit Sheffield City centre?". We were in two groups: one with Mrs Preston and Mrs Gage (Group 1), the second with Miss Stent and Miss Fox (Group 2). Off we went on two different routes to see what clues we could find that would help us answer Miss Stent's question.

Group 1 started outside the Sheffield Theatres buildings and we watched people queuing for tickets. Then we walked down towards the Rail Station and stopped outside the Sheffield Hallam University buildings. We saw lots of students going in and we talked about what happens in a university. Some of the things we thought that we would like to study at university were space, coding, maths, art and dance!

Just as the group arrived close to the station, we spotted the yellow bikes and we got very interested in them. There were so many at the station itself and we enjoyed counting them, as well as spotting people using them.

Mrs P gave us some fruit and a biscuit before heading back up hill. We looked towards Park Hill Flats and Mrs Gage thought that they had a fine view from their windows.

It was lovely and warm in the Millennium Galleries: we enjoyed the underfloor heating very much! We did see lots of interesting things made from metal.

There were lots of people doing different things there: visiting galleries, shopping, taking shortcuts.

Finally we arrived at the Winter Gardens to find Group 2 had beaten us there. We had a good look around and noticed that this was the place where lots of people were sitting and relaxing. Then a quick walk back to the bus stop and a ride home.

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